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Obsessively scheduling research time


Catching mice is hard work… by Edd Billington-Cliff, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

Your dissertation or thesis won’t do itself. You have to do it, and this will take time. If you don’t schedule time it won’t get done. Don’t wait until you have enough time – start making some time for it every day. See this post by Thesis Whisperer Inger Mewburn for more on this


Using small amounts of time effectively


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Small amounts of time seem to be all I get these days. Although none of them might seem like enough to get anything useful done, they all add up. The trick is to pick up regularly enough that it is not difficult to continue. A system to keep tabs of where you were up to also helps.

Check out this advice from Marialuisa Aliotta
Marialuisa Aliotta (2013) How Long Does Your Writing Take? Academic Life

How to Show Up and Write

Just browsing

Just browsing by Wilson Afonso Attribution-NonCommercial License

Getting into a regular writing routine is the key to getting your dissertation finished. You will find that you make much better progress with 1 hour a day, than with even a seven hour block once per week. Great advice from the Copyblogger website – check it out here: How to Show Up and Write – Copyblogger.