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Using feedback from your supervisor


supervisor role by Pearl Pirie, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

It can be tough dealing with feedback from your supervisor. As Katherine Firth from Research Degree Voodoo explains in this posting, a lot of the comments can be negative and often there doesn’t seem much positive. Also sometimes what they mean is not at all clear. Its one thing for your supervisor to see a problem, but its another thing for them to explain it to someone else, and yet another thing for them to do it in such a way that you can understand, and also feel empowered to fix it.

In a previous post I have talked about some ideas to help you work with your supervisor and Katherine’s post also has some more excellent advice about tactics and strategies you can use to address the feedback you get from your supervisor. Her advice about learning to distinguish between the different kinds of corrections is particularly valuable. Take a look.