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The comments tool in word


When you send your supervisor a draft for feedback, they may annotate it electronically using the comment tool. Comments are also useful for you to keep helpful notes for yourself, or to explain where you are up to, to your supervisor. A major advantage of the comments is that they can be hidden, so you can read without the interfering with your reading when you need to. Because of this I much prefer to use comments when making notes to myself than to use highlighting or add temporary text.

This posting gives you some basic instructions which include how to add, delete, and hide comments.


Using comments in Excel



Adding comments to an excel spreadsheet can be a great way of including information about the data in a cell. Cells should normally only include one type of information – say a number. (See my previous post on Using Excel for more about this.) If you need to include a note about the data in a cell you can either create a new column for notes or you can add a comment. The comment tools are found on the Review tab of the ribbon.

Full instructions for using comments are here:   http://office.microsoft.com/en-nz/excel-help/annotate-a-worksheet-by-using-comments-HP010342170.aspx

Tracked changes



Tracked changes are a great editing tool in Word. I find it especially useful when more than one person works on a document. It allows me to keep track of the changes someone else has made, so I can check I agree with them. Your supervisor will likely use tracked changes if they make editing suggestions to your document so you should make sure you understand how to view them and accept them.

Here is a short overview video and also some more detailed instructions

DemoTrainer (2008) Word 2007 Demo: Use tracked changes in documents

Microsoft (2014) Track changes while you edit

These are the settings I find most useful for using tracked changes: