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Threading in your research journal


Gossamer threads 2 by Darren Pearce, Attribution-NonCommercial License


You will find this post on the new Research Pointers site: Click here to go to the post. Don’t forget to subscribe to the new site once you are there so you don’t miss out on postings in future.

MVM Learning is moving

MVM Learning is moving to a new site called Research Pointers.

The new site more clearly reflects the purpose of this blog: to give research students pointers for their research journey. At the new site you will find an updated look which should make it easier to find older posts. All the previous posts from MVM Learning have been moved over to Research Pointers. Check out the new site and be sure to follow the new site by email to make sure you don’t miss postings.

I hope you like Sam, our new Pointer logo, care of Harold Meerveld, Attribution License