Using Google books as an index of your textbook

Ever been in the situation where you know you read it somewhere in the textbook but you can’t find the page?  I often find that the index in textbooks either doesn’t have the detail I need, or else gives me such a long list of pages that it would take ages to find what I am after. This is where Google books can be a help. Google books indexes a lot of textbooks and often displays quite a few pages from them. You can use this feature to your advantage to do an electronic search of particular words in your big textbook.

Take for example Educational Measurement. I needed to find the page that discussed inter-rater reliability. It’s a big book and the index had lots of references to reliability, but none to inter-rater reliability. So I found the book in Google Books by doing a Google search, and then used the From inside the book search field to search for inter-rater reliability.

Here is a screenshot of the results. I could scroll through screenshots of all 11 references to inter-rater reliability in the book until I found the right page. Easy.

Hope this helps you too!



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