Don’t ignore the green squiggly lines in Word


Green Vine Snake, Sinharaja forest reserve by Ziman Zimanovich, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

Word has a grammar checking facility that places green squiggly lines underneath sentences and phrases in which it finds a grammatical issue. Although a lot of people find this annoying and turn it off, it is actually very helpful. It is almost always right and paying attention to it will help you to write better. Sometimes it suggests things I don’t agree with, and in that case you can tell it to ignore the situation on that occasion. But if nothing else it makes me reconsider the sentence and whether the way I have written it really is the best way. You can also customise it to spot certain issues like double spacing and so on.

In this posting, Beth Oyler, a writing tutor from Walden University Writing Center, explains more.


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