Reading to find out


Little Mongrel by Nitin G, Attribution License

In this post Thesis Whisperer Inger Mewburn describes a technique to help you deal with the huge mass of information on your topic. She refers to it as “reading like a mongrel” and a key aspect of this is reading to find things out, rather than just generally reading around your topic.

I know what she means. Once you know what you need to find out, your reading (and writing) can proceed much much more quickly and until you reach that point – well to me it feels like swimming in mud (as I described here).

So sometimes when you are swimming in mud, you need to step back and try to think what you are actually trying to find out. Break it up into small questions (as I have suggested here) or topics. Talking to someone usually helps. Anyone will do….they don’t have to understand the topic. Try explaining to them what it is you are trying to write about and often this will clarify what you need to find out.


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