Formatting in-text citations in Endnote


When you are writing it is sometimes useful to refer to the authors of a paper in the sentence, rather than just including the citation at the end of the sentence. This means you can use more active language rather than the passive voice, and it can make your writing clearer and more concise.

For example you may want to say that
“Smith (2001) found that 6 of 8 dogs treated with…..”

When you insert the reference though with Endnote it will first appear as
“(Smith, 2001) found that 6 of 8 dogs treated with…..”
which is not correctly formatted.

To change the formatting of the citation, select it by clicking on it and then go to Edit and Manage Citation(s) on the Endnote ribbon.

Under Formatting choose Display as: Author (Year) from the drop down menu and then select OK.


Your reference will now be correctly formatted.


2 thoughts on “Formatting in-text citations in Endnote

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