An automatic Endnote group you might not have known about.

A really nice feature of Endnote that you might not have noticed is that it provides an automatic group of the references you have cited in a document.. The group is labelled with the document name and the group appears at the top of the left hand pane.


To make the group appear, you need to update the library in the document on the Endnote ribbon using the Update Citations and Bibliography button.


Using this group is a really easy way to look at the references you are citing, and open the pdfs from it.

It’s also perfect for going through the references you have actually used in a document and fixing up formatting issues so that they are correct in your reference list. Instead of searching for and finding each one separately you can just advance through the list in Endnote.

I also use this feature to collect groups of references when I am drafting documents. I find it easier that forming Endnote groups because I can include more information about the reference within the word document. For example, I can list the search terms I used to find these references or information on which ones I still need to read, or get hold of. I can make notes about each reference in the word document as I look at it.


Every time I open the document, Endnote lists the group of references in it for me, labelled with the name of the document. And not just one document. Endnote forms a group for all the documents you have open. Really helpful! Just remember that you might have to Update Citations and Bibliography to see each one.


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