Rearranging sections of work in Word


When I am writing a complex piece of work, I will often use headings as a skeleton to show me the sections I want to cover. Even if these are temporary and will be removed later I find them useful. And of course lots of really long documents need headings throughout in the final work. So using headings is an important tool in your writing.

It can sometimes be difficult to decide the best order for sections you want to cover in a long piece of work, and often it isn’t really until you see the flow of you argument that you can decide. I find myself rearranging sections often when revising drafts.

Word has some really neat tools to allow you to see your document structure and rearrange sections easily. One that has been around in older versions of Word for a long time is the Outline View. But an even better one is the Navigation Pane. If you have not been using the Navigation Pane while editing you should take a look. You can view the structure easily, change the levels of headings easily and rearrange sections of work with a simple drag and drop action. This posting explains how to use these features in Word.


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