Learning from the literature

reading in the sunbeam

reading in the sunbeam by Malingering Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

As you read the literature, you will start to become familiar with more than just the research findings. You will also be learning who is who in the research world you are reading about. You will learn new terminology and how it is used, and the conventions of academic style. You can let this wash over you and hope you gradually absorb it, or you can actively look out for it and note it for using later. Start a collection of bits and pieces in your research journal. Things to watch out for include:

  • New terminology – which can also make useful keywords for searches
  • References to other publications and researchers you can follow up on
  • Ways of framing research questions
  • Ways of justifying the research
  • Ways of describing research methods
  • Ways of describing results
  • Ways of presenting data
  • Ways of presenting conclusions
  • Ways of identifying issues and problems with the study

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